Too easy! How to make a easier coffee filter mask.


This time, we propose a method of making a coffee filter mask that clears the themes of “make without touching the inside of the mask” and “does not use adhesives” so that even busy business people can make it easier.


  • Cofffee filter
  • Stapler
  • Cutter or scissors
  • 2 Rubber bands or elastics for mask

If you don’t have elastics for mask, you can make a substitute from T-shirts and stockings.

Make the body of the coffee filter mask

Craft with coffee filter
Prepare a coffee filter on the cutting mat.
cut coffee filter
Start cutting it with a cutter.
Cut with a curve
Like drawing a curve…
Cut off coffee filter
I’ve already cut it!
The coffee filter mask body is now complete!!
open coffee filter
Let’s open the coffee filter mask main body. Now I’m touching the inside to make it look open, but you don’t usually need to touch inside.

Attach rubber band

Rubber band mask
First, I will attach rubber bands as for the mask.
Fold the edge of the mask
Fold the sharp edge of the mask a little bit and put a rubber band between them.
Stapler stop
Staple it. Make sure that the flat side of the stapler is on the inside to avoid damaging your skin.
easy coffee filter mask
Voila! It’s too easy!

Mask fitting

Let’s try on it.
How to make a super easy mask
Although it’s super easy to make, it looks like a mask.But it’s a lot and it floats a little. . . From cheek to chin.Nose mask
Although the chin side floats, the line on the nose side seems to bite beyond the fit.
It seems that the cheeks of the rubber band bite from the tightness, which causes the chin to float.
If I turn a little diagonally, the bottom of the coffee filter will be the tip of my nose.
Let’s fix it a little more based on the shape problems.

Coffee filter mask fix

mask materials
Remove the rubber bands from the first mask and layer it on a new coffee filter.
With a pencil, trace the curve of the border and copy the shape of the first mask onto the new coffee filter.
Next, stop using rubber bands and use a mask elastics substitute made of stockings.
Cut the stocking into slices and pull to stretch.
Stocking elastics are softer and longer.

mask second pattern

Since the shape of the face is full of meat on the cheeks, it is better to lower the curve a little more.Since I have a low nose, can I make the tip of the nose a little shallower?
Cut it several times to fit your face, and then cut and match to find the best balance.
Advanced coffee filter mask
The elastic made from stockings was stapled just like the rubber band.

Try on the mask again

Mask made of stockings and coffee filter
Hmm, right?
It’s more comfortable to wear than before! If the elastics are long, you can adjust them by tying them invisible.
How to make a new coffee filter mask
The nose line is still incorrect, but the color of the coffee filter is close to the color of my skin, and the nose may look high from a distance.
Once you have decided which shape is right for you, put it on a new filter as a pattern and cut several pieces together with a cutter, and you can make many simple masks in no time.
I would like you to make it after understanding that it is a easy mask.