Easy mask made with coffee filter

Even people who are not good at sewing with needles and threads can easily make a 3D face mask using a coffee filter.
I want people to know the joy and importance of making masks that are now in trouble.
Try making it at home together.


  • coffee filter
  • Scissors
  • glue or double-sided tape
  • Rubber for mask

If you don’t have rubber for the mask, I will introduce how to make a substitute that can be made with familiar items.

Make a mask shape with a coffee filter

coffee filter
I think you can get a lot of white and brown coffee filters cheaply.
Coffee entrance
Flip the open side of the coffee filter and apply a thin layer of glue or double-sided tape to the edges.
Glue coffee filter
After applying the adhesive until the end, close it and gently trace with your finger to stick it.
Leave it a little until the adhesive sticks.

You can make a mask string while you are waiting.

Coffee filter edge
If the adhesive sticks to some extent, fold the edge of the coffee filter inward about 5 mm.
Turn off coffee filter
Use scissors to cut the edge of the coffee filter that originally stuck.
Cut the opposite end of the coffee filter
Also cut the opposite end. For small children, cut it into smaller pieces according to the size of your face.
Cut into the curve of the nose
I want to have the mask on the other side, so I cut it into a slightly curved shape. You can cut it straight, make it more curved, or cut it in any shape you like.
Cut the bottom
Cut the bottom of the coffee filter straight with scissors.

Create a 3D mask shape

Open coffee filter mask
Finally you open from where you cut. It’s approaching the shape of a mask.Apply it to your face, look in the mirror, and if you want a smaller mask, close it again and cut it to make it smaller. It cannot be larger than this. . .
Three-dimensional mask
Gently press on the backside with the bond to make the mask three-dimensional.
Push out coffee filter
Please make the three-dimensional mask slowly and carefully while making the shape of the joint beautiful.
Work with coffee filter

You see, the 3D face mask is complete.

Pass the mask rubber

Fold about 1 cm inward
Fold the side edge of the coffee filter mask about 1 cm to make a crease.Make a hole to pass the mask string
Apply a thin adhesive to the end.
Put the mask string
Put the mask rubber around the fold.
Wrap the mask string
If you fold the end with the adhesive on it, you will wrap the mask string. Do the same for both ends.
Be careful not to stick the rubber of the mask with the adhesive.
Pass the string on both ends of the mask
The rubber of the mask is attached to both ends. If you pull the rubber on the mask at this time and it moves, you are good at it. Please be careful not to pull the string too much and pull it out.
Tie the strings on the mask
Lightly tie the rubber on the mask. Once you put on the mask and check if the length of the string is good, tie it tightly.
You should measure the length of the rubber on the mask for the next time you make it!
Cut the end of the string
Use scissors to cut off the extra part of the rubber tip of the tied mask.
Hide knot on mask string
It will turn when you pull the rubber on the mask, so pull it until the knot can cover the mask hole.
Mask string completed
In this way, when the rubber knot on the mask disappears, you are done. Please attach the rubber of the mask to both ends in the same way.
coffee filter mask
A coffee filter mask that is easy to use but solid. Because it is a coffee filter, it won’t break even if it gets wet with water.
easy coffee filter mask
I tried wearing it immediately. You can make larger masks by using a larger coffee filter, or you can make smaller masks for smaller children.